Samsung Curd Maestro™, World’s First Refrigerator:

Samsung Launches Curd Maestro™, World’s First Refrigerator That Prepares Curd, Introduces its 2020 Refrigerator Line-up These will be available across all retail channels and on Samsung Shop starting this January 2020.Samsung, India’s biggest and most trusted consumer electronics and smartphones brand, today announced the launch of the Curd Maestro™ Refrigerator, the world’s first refrigerator that will not just preserve food but also prepare it.

Curd Maestro™ refrigerator ensures that nothing comes in the way of you and your precious family time; enabling curd preparation in five to six hours — five hours for soft curd, six hours for thick curd. One needs to boil and cool the milk and mix the curd culture manually while Curd Maestro™ does the most crucial part of the job — fermentation. It will not only ferment the curd but will store it too.

samsung curd maestro refrigerators

 Curd Maestro™ makes curd with the same consistency each time and eliminates all the hassle of curd making in different weather conditions. Curd Maestro™ refrigerators come with Samsung’s Smart Convertible 5 in 1 Twin Cooling technology and will be available in 244-litre, 265-litre, 314-litre and 336-litre capacities. Smart Convertible 5in1 Twin Cooling refrigerators come with five modes — Normal, Extra Shopping, Vacation, Seasonal, and Home Alone. The conversion modes are not only the perfect solution to different storage needs but every mode also saves energy. Twin Cooling Plus™ is a truly independent cooling system, with separate airflows in both the fridge and freezer, preventing unpleasant smells from foods moving between the fridge and freezer.

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