Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus review: A new benchmark for Android tablets

Samsung is among the few Android tablet makers that make Android tablets ‘work’ and has been taking the fight to Apple’s iPad dominance in the market. What Samsung has done is that it has continuously upgraded the hardware and optimised the apps to support the tablet interface. Samsung has also been clever in working with other developers like Google and Microsoft to offer apps designed for their tablet devices

The company has recently announced two new flagship tablets —
Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+. The new tablets come with an eye-catching display and also bring improved Dex mode for a better desktop-like experience, low latency S Pen, flagship Snapdragon processor and a massive battery.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+: Design and displayAs we have already mentioned, Samsung has tried to do everything right with Galaxy Tab S7+, which also applies to its design. Yes, the massive display does make it look like a flat metal slate, but the material used, fit and finish is top-notch here. Samsung has also paid extra attention to details here with the tablet.

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